Diamondback Topanga MTB

Simple, dependable Cro-Mo MTB frame from famed manufacturer Diamondback. Build this up as a modest commuter or a big burly street basher.

This frame rides well and can take a whole lot of punishment (if that's your thing). It's probably older than you and will still be around when you're deep in the ground. Also has an understated yet eye-catching black and purple colourway.

This is another of those longish geometry vintage MTBs so would be a comfy ride for the taller rider. We've seen a few tasteful rebuilds of this exact frame on the 'gram and they always look great. Set of Maxxis tyres and a rack on the front is all you need. Or maybe something more imaginative? Either way if you've got the dosh we can make your dreams come true.

Mountain Bike
Brake type:
v-brake / cantilever
Wheel size:
mtb 26" / 559mm
Tyre clearance:
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