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Doc Sprocket is first and foremost a mechanical workshop. We pride ourselves on our mechanical expertise and the quality of our work. We recognise that many cyclists have a special connection to their bicycle, and with this in mind aim to treat your bike like our own. To book a service or repair, please call us on 0450 519 496 or email at
Servicing is offered at a few tiers depending on your bike's needs:

Basic Service - $100

for regularly serviced bikes needing a tune up

  • wipe down frame and wheels
  • tune brakes and gears
  • degrease and lube drivetrain
  • straighten derailleur hanger
  • check and tighten bolts
  • pump tyres
  • test ride

Full Service $180

for most bikes - covers all bases

  • basic service plus:
  • thoroughly clean bike
  • remove and degrease drivetrain
  • true wheels
  • service and repack bearings where required
  • install new parts (excl. parts cost)
  • bleed brakes where required

Overhaul / rebuild - $250

for vintage rebuilds, worn out bikes needing lots of work, or unusually complex bikes

  • full service plus:
  • completely disassemble bike
  • extensive clean and detail
  • clean and regrease all parts
  • replace cables
Turnaround for servicing is typically no more than a few days if we hold all the parts needed for the job. Where parts must be ordered to complete your service, we will do our best to source these parts quickly and will keep you in the loop about timeframes.

Repairs are performed on an as-required and per-job basis if your bike doesn't require broader servicing. Typically these jobs will be priced by negotiation, or at our workshop rate of $100/hour. We are game to solve (almost) any issues that you may have, however some more common jobs include:
  • Repair flat tyre / replace tube
  • Fit new brake or gear cables
  • Brake / gear service
  • Replace brake pads
  • Bleed hydraulic brakes
  • Replace spokes and true wheels
  • Adjust cones / axles in wheels
  • Service / repack headset
  • Replace / service bottom bracket
  • Rejoin / replace chain
If you are looking for electrical repairs, we are always happy to take a look, but otherwise recommend Glow Worm Bicycles in Marrickville. Their friendly and experienced staff are very knowledgeable in all areas of electric bike servicing and repair. We will happily and confidently service road bikes, but for the really fancy stuff you could also contact Vanilla Cycles in Marrickville. If you are looking to get wheels built from scratch, we recommend Omafiets in Alexandria, who can also help with any matters related to cycle touring, rack mounts, frame bags and the like.

Rebuilds of vintage bikes are a specialty of Doc Sprocket Cycle Workshop. We have the tools, parts and know-how to get your classic steel road bikes, 90s MTBs or obscure European tourers back on the road. These jobs can be highly variable in labour and parts cost so we typically charge per job after assessing the bike. Such jobs may involve just an in-depth service, all the way up to a complete strip, rebuild and detail. If you've got a dusty old bike you can't bear to part with, get in touch and see if we can help return it to glory. Take a look at some of our past rebuilds below...
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