Diamant Steel Tourer

Here's a mysterious frame from an obscure German bike brand 'Diamant' now owned by Trek.

It features an uncommon combination of 700C wheels with generous clearance alongside posts for cantilever / V-brakes. It lacks mounting points for racks or other accessories. As such we are calling this a vintage gravel bike. It would be a great option for shorter cycle tours, overnight sojourns rather than multi-day trips. It should accommodate 700 x 37C tyres at least, maybe a bit wider.

The frame is surprisingly lightweight and is likely made from Cro-Moly or possibly another exotic steel alloy. We suspect this frame will make for a very nice, springy and responsive ride.

Build quality is very good, and paintwork is in good condition with a few marks here and there.

Brake type:
v-brake / cantilever
Wheel size:
road 700C / 622mm
Tyre clearance:
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