Bridgestone MB4 Trailblazer MTB

Bridgestone are known down under for tyres, however in the US and Japan their bikes are fairly common and synonymous with quality workmanship. Some models sell for thousands of dollars, and for good reason.

I suspect that this one was brought over from the US rather than sold here so you can be confident that no one else will have one like it.

Anyhoo it's got a cool + classy paintjob and clearly is a cut above in terms of build quality. Burly stem in matching colors with a curious cable stop for cantilever brakes. It's made from Japanese Tange MTB steel which is strong and lightweight and has a fun little yellow sticker on the seat tube.

Given its soft colourway we would love to turn this into a laid-back street cruiser for long autumn rides but open to something a little more XTREME if you'd like.

Mountain Bike
Brake type:
v-brake / cantilever
Wheel size:
mtb 26" / 559mm
Tyre clearance:
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