SE LAGER Street Basher

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Relive your youth and young adulthood with this kewl and kapable steel steed from big kids bike brand SE.

This bike will allow you to blend in with those smug fixie kids, partaking in their 'alley cats', 'bike polo', and 'smoking cones in hyde park' - little do they know that your bike is in fact packing THREE (3) gears courtesy of the Shimano Nexus 3 hub. It also has a coaster brake (back pedal brake) for mad skidz.

This bike is a little beaten up in places but we've restored it as good as we know how. It's got a few new bits on it - cables, grips, brake pads etc. - and is running very nicely. More importantly, it looks cool and is sure to attract whichever type of people you happen to desire, unless you don't desire anyone, in which case it won't.

It's a med-lrg frame and will suit riders around 170 - 185cm. Would make a great commuter / pub bike / weekend adventurer.

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