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Classic city commuter from the fashion victims / cultural appropriators over at Tokyobike. Colourway is somewhere between moss and khaki. These bikes are modelled on classic Japanese steel commuters - they are elegantly simple and modest in design but make for a beautiful and comfortable ride.

We've rescued this one from a cruel and careless owner and hope it will discover its calling in a new home. It required a bit of work and quite a few new parts - we've given this one a new rear wheel, tyres and tubes, cassette, chain, chainset, grips, brake calipers, pads, cables, and more. Consider it a 'deluxe' model in that it features a classy suede saddle, ergo grips, velo-orange bars and the wheel upgrade mentioned below. It looks great and rides like a new bike, considering its drivetrain and brake system is completely new.

Of note - these bikes shipped with annoying sized wheels (650c) which we have replaced with a more common size (26") - sourcing tyres and tubes down the track will be easier and cheaper.

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